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    Stop waiting for things to change

    Universial Cycler has 9 level above the first launch of the $5 level.There are available levels of $10,$20,$40,$80,$160,$320 and $1280.These can be labelled as financial vehicles because as you go and cycle off you get the opportunity to add other levels to generate more revenue.

Just plug in,duplicate and collect your profit .Ready ,Set,Go!

The good news is that people are naturally gravitating online to generate cash to make ends meet and that's a good thing. Because once you start making money online and see how easy it is you will never want to work for someone else again. You will literally stop living paycheck to paycheck and take control your financial destiny.

We want to help America and the world get back to work and position you for success by given you an incredible opportunity with Universial Cycler

Just imagine Your very own Home-Based Business, where you can earn tremendous incomes, discover inside marketing secrets from legendary gurus and learn powerhouse marketing strategies to lift your home-business into the stratosphere. We are talking about BIG Time Success!

A Powerful System Awaits You!

Starting a Home-Based Business can be very frustrating, but not here at UC. We've designed a simple yet powerful automated system that will take out most of all the heavy lifting and the difficulty of getting your business up and running fast. It will take work on your part. Not just any work but "smart work". You must understand nothing online is totally automated and we want to eliminate "Do Nothing"? mentality in the industry.

We want to be honest and straight forward with you right now. All businesses take work. So, if you been feed a lazy mans approach online and expect that you can sign up here; do nothing and be a millionaire by noon, then this is not for you.

Get realistic and start taking responsibility for your success. We hope you understand our candid and direct honesty here is for your benefit. The one thing that UC will never do is give you a bunch of UC and try to mislead you. We want you to understand that our system has major automated features, but will take work on your part to implement our proven systems to ensure positive productivity and results. This consistent effort on your part can be done working as little as 1 hour a day.

With UC you'll work smarter not harder with our Turn Key Automated Systems. We have designed an amazing program that eliminates the major pit falls and failures to ensure maximum results.

As you can see our enormous product lineup has tremendous value and not only will you generate more assets and cash flow but also get re-educated on the latest online techniques, but you'll be able to resell many of these products for more profits and we'll show you how to do just that. You'll make even More Cash reselling them. The profit potential is unlimited.

Personal Development

It's a proven fact that unless your foundation is strong,your business will never reach it's highest potential. Thus Universial Cycler provides the personal development articles,audio and more which will feed your "inner enterpreneur"


Cycler has created a complete payment system that will allow you to generate revenue quickly. No need to complete a cycle (to have 6 people under you) to generate income, because when the first person enrolls in your online payment you will receive 100% commission. Similarly, will happen to all who enter that line. The operation of the matrix is as follows

The forced matrix will fill up from left to right and from top to bottom.

There are several ways to complete your matrix:

  1. You invite directly to 6 people.
  2. You invite directly to 2 people and then those two people bring another 2 each.
  3. When your 6 direct referrals complete a cycle and follow you in your next matrix.
  4. A combination , those you invite directly, direct that follow you to your next matrix, and invite those who are in your womb.

It has a 2-level overflow system for all business centers. Which means that the platform will locate all persons entering Universial Cycler sites to find gaps in the 2-level matrix. That is, people who have invited your upline may fall under you, but people who have invited the upline of your upline will never fall under you.

Also a Follow Me System for all business centers. That is, that all people you invite directly Universial Cycler follow you to your next cycle every time they cycle and acquire a new matrix.


If you activate the business center of $5, your matrix will be filled with people who you invite and have activated the investment center of $5. Also, if you invite Carlos and Martha, and both activate the investment center of $ 5, they will also be settling into your empty positions of your matrix from left to right and from top to bottom. When they go entering the second line of your matrix, you receive 100% commission for those who are occupying that place. That is, when the first person on your payment line acquires your business center, you receive 100% of the commission immediately (and thus you have recovered your investment), the same will happen to the next three people who complete your matrix. This way: you invest $5 dollars, and when filling your matrix, you will have received $20 dollars.
After completing the cycle, you will have to purchase a new matrix to re-generate commissions. If then, one of the ones you invited previously also cycles and buys a new matrix of the same cost, it will follow you to your new matrix automatically (follow me system).

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Bonuses to Ensure Your Success!

Big Bonuses are coming your way when you get started with UC.

While there will be marketers that take full advantage of UC pay plan; great products and training; who will say to themselves, This is My Ticket!? We believe that the income potential is staggering; generating six figures monthly due to you're determination, endurance and perseverance is possible. These are the kind of people that roll up their sleeves and go to work. Here is your opportunity.

I hope so. We're not making a bunch of income claims here. We're not going to give you a bunch of UC hype. Honestly; we'll be teaching a plan that is practical, proven, and simple how you can generate $10,000 or more per month. It will take work, and we have put in place a powerful automated system that will consistently generate you serious cash. That is a fact and you can take it to the bank.

This opportunity is not a NO Brainer. It's a Brainer! You'll actually learn here. We're going to make you a smarter savior marketer. You really don't have anything to lose. We have taken all the risk out of joining UC. Here is your chance to generate more cash than you have ever dream of and learn at the same time. Please help yourself and allow us to help you get back your life with the most powerful online program today.

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